How to Get a Multicolor Block Nail Art Using SNS Dip Powder Color

A dip powder manicure is beautiful and versatile because it allows you to experiment with multiple combinations. One such nail art design is the multicolor block design that can add to your overall beauty quotient and make you look more glamorous. Though the process of having a colorful block nail art design can be challenging to master, you can have the manicure at home. We shall discuss the simplest way to have this manicure without visiting the nail salon.

How to Get a Multicolor Block Nail Art Using SNS Dip Powder Color

Pink SNS nails adds to the beauty of having this exciting design on our nails by offering an extensive range of combinations to choose from. We shall go for the pink and glittering blue and see how the beautiful combo adds to your glamor equation.

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Start by prepping the nails well

Prepping the nails is vital for any manicure. The process involves cutting and shaping the nails. Please remove the sharp edges by filing the nails well and rounding them off. Push the cuticles into their grooves and massage the skin with cuticle oil. Buff the nail surface lightly to rough it up and allow easy basecoat application. Sanitize the nails well using alcohol. Keep the nail tape ready. You get them at the local cosmetics store. They are also available online. The nail tape’s exciting feature is that it does not rip off during removal. Secondly, they are not too adhesive to leave a gum residue on the nails.

The nail manicure process continues

First, apply a thin basecoat layer and allow it to dry completely. Next, mix the dip powders well using a dry brush. It ensures that the coat remains even. Alternatively, shake the bottle and allow the dip powder ingredients to mix properly.

Cut a small strip of nail tape and stick it to the nail to define the nail art design. Apply another basecoat layer to one side of the nail, separated by the nail tape. Scoop out the requisite SNS nails pink over the basecoat and allow it to adhere to the nail surface. Use a clean, dry brush to remove any excess powder from the nails. Please ensure the application is spread evenly. Otherwise, you end up with clumps that can damage the manicure’s appearance. Please avoid getting the basecoat or the powder on the cuticles. The best feature of dip powder is that it does not stick to the nail. Instead, it adheres to the basecoat. So, if you avoid applying the basecoat to the cuticles, the powder never sticks to them.

Remove the tape gently to find half your nail covered with pink SNS dip nail color. Now apply basecoat again on the remaining part of the nail. Be careful not to apply basecoat over the pink dip powder layer, or it can spoil the manicure. Please avoid the cuticles as usual. Next, sprinkle the blue dip powder color over the nail, allowing it to stick to the basecoat. Please ensure to have the same thickness level. Otherwise, your manicure can look uneven. Finally, use a dry brush to remove excess powder sticking to the nails.

Apply the activator gen carefully, ensuring that the two colors do not overlap. The activator gel helps the powder bind with the basecoat and form a sturdy finish. Tap your fingers on the table to remove any excess dip powder.

Finally, apply the topcoat layer, depending on the shine you need. One or two coats should suffice for a matte finish. Multiple topcoat applications are necessary for a glossy finish. The topcoat application dries quickly without curing under the UV lamp. So, this process is one of the safest nail manicures.

Different color combinations

While we have discussed the pink and the blue combo, you are free to experiment with whatever SNS dip powder you like. Multiple SNS color combos are available to enhance your beauty quotient. For example, red and yellow or orange and green are excellent options.

Color blocking is a beautiful nail art pattern that allows you to try multiple combinations. You can see that the process is a bit challenging. However, anyone can master it with some practice. Another beauty tip is that you should not have multicolored nail art combinations on all fingers. Having them on two or three fingernails enhances their appearance and makes them look different from the other nails. Automatically, it draws people’s attention to your nails.

Final Thoughts

Having the same dip powder manicure every time can be a bit boring. So, being different and trying out unique nail art designs is better. We will keep discussing such beautiful designs and patterns in our blogs. So, please visit us and learn how to create an impression on others using various combinations of nail manicures.