Learn How to Make Nail Forms to Suit Your Short Nails

A nail manicure is an essential part of your cosmetic makeup. It enhances your overall beauty quotient to the next level. However, having a nail manicure with short nails can be challenging. The best bet is to have acrylic nail forms and acrylic powder nails. The best way to get a quality acrylic form is to approach a nail salon. However, you can master the technique at home and get a quality manicure. This article should help you get your acrylic powder nail form with ease.

How Do You Get Your Best Acrylic Nail Form at Home?

Learn How to Make Nail Forms to Suit Your Short Nails

The following steps will help you overcome the challenges of short nails and get you the most exquisite acrylic nail form at home.

Prepping your nails is vital for any nail manicure. An incorrect prepping procedure can cause the lifting of your nails, damaging the manicure. Hence, you should use a high-quality sterilized nail file to remove the existing shine from the nail surface. It is better to cut your nails into shape as it would not be possible subsequently. If you have short nails with your finger edges protruding beyond the nails, it is advisable to go for an acrylic manicure. Finally, buff the nail surface to rough it up and allow the nail extension to stick correctly.

The next step in the manicure is to apply the bond. Once the adhesive dries up, you can use the primer. Both the bond and the primer go directly on the nail surface.

Next, you can proceed with applying the nail form. First, you can line up the center portion of the form and rock it gently back to enable it to slide beneath your natural nail’s free edge. Next, pinching the nail form at the sides and the bottom allows it to secure. Finally, you can decide on the shape of your nail. Accordingly, you leave the form open or shut its tip.

The acrylic application is the next part of the process. First, select the nail acrylic powder of your choice and shake the bottle thoroughly to let the powder disperse properly. Next, dip a clean brush into the monomer liquid and remove any excess before picking up a small bead of acrylic for applying at the place where the nail form meets the free edge of the nail.

Now, proceed with a bigger bead of acrylic and manipulate the powder on your nails using the brush. Again, it helps build the nail’s free edge.

The above steps complete the building of the nail’s free edge. Next, you can pick up a smaller bead and directly apply it to the nail plate. The brush tip proves helpful to push the product toward the cuticle. The brush’s body helps you level the bead and take it towards the free edge. It is better to have a thicker edge because it needs the strength to bear the stress.

With the acrylic still wet and flexible, you can form the C-curve conveniently. The easiest method to do it is to pinch the sides of the nail form and create the curve. While using your hands is the best procedure, you can use a pinching tool. However, you should ensure not to pinch near the nail plate because it can damage the nail manicure.

The next step is to allow the nail acrylic to dry completely. You can use a hairdryer to dry the acrylic quickly. Alternatively, you can use a table fan to blow cool air on the nail surface. Finally, tap your nail edge with the brush’s end to get a clicking sound. It indicates that the nail acrylic has dried completely.

Once the nail form is dry, you can remove it from your nails by pinching it gently and pulling it from underneath your nail.

You can shape the sidewall and powder residue from the cuticle area using a sterilized file. Finally, you can apply your favorite topcoat layer.

Your nail form is now ready for use. The best aspect of an acrylic nail form is to use it anytime to get a classic acrylic nail manicure. The nail forms prove helpful to lengthen your short nails. People who have the habit of chewing nails benefit from using nail forms because it discourages them from chewing them off. The most exciting aspect of your acrylic nail forms is that they are reusable. You can remove and clean them well before reusing them anytime on your nails. Another critical advantage of nail forms is that they last long and do not damage the nail plate. Besides, they do not put much pressure on your nail plates.

Final Words

We have learned how to create acrylic nail forms in this article by using acrylic powder. These nail forms help you get the best acrylic powder nails, especially if you have short and stubby nails.