Useful Guide for Applying OPI Gel Polish

OPI gel polish consists of rigid substances that hold the polish on the nails than natural polish. Many believe that a series of nails cannot respond to polish, but gel varnish can control this predicament and add more strength to the nail bed and cuticle. This polish stays on nails for longer days without peeling or fading.

Features of OPI polish

The following are the useful features of OPI polish. These features stand out OPI gel color kit from other nail polish.

The OPI nail polish requires the use of an ultraviolet lamp to dry up the gel. It is easy and simple to wipe off with the use of an acetone/nail polish cleanser. It comes with a pleasant odor, so you would love it when applying it to your nails.

Buy OPI gel nail polish that is budget-friendly, cruelty-free, and made with natural resin may sound too good to be true. But OPI gel polish has all of these features and more! It stays on the nail for a month or longer without chipping while strengthening the nails as well. The formula also doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), Camphor, and gluten, typically found in other brands. Removing it is easy after soaking off – just file off any residue gently from the surface of your nail before applying another coat!

Tips for maintaining your nail after using OPI gel polish

It is vital to make sure that your manicured nails are completely soaked in OPI gel polish. To ensure this, it’s important to use a base coat first and don’t dwell too long with the ultraviolet lamp, as it can be harmful if you have allergies to UV rays. OPI Gel Polish differs from acrylics because of its chemical composition. It needs an Ultraviolet lamp for them to cure and become strong and glossy like regular nail polish.

The three key steps of gel manicures are firmly pressing the paint onto the nail bed, letting it dry under a UV light for 30 seconds or so (it dries much faster than regular nail polish), then applying another layer of color before curing again.

Some of the Best OPI nail polish colors

Sprinkle bath: This is the best OPI nail polish color for ladies who live natural, simple and neutral things and look.

Tomato Red: This is a juicy shade hue that provides the nail with a conic and beautiful look.

Snow: This is whitish and appears just like snow, but it is perfect to be used during all seasons.

No waitress: This varnish color is informed of wine color.

Queen law:  This is a precious and glowing varnish color that is also the most desired polish color for all nail care enthusiasts.

Jacques: This is a gloomy OPI nail hue for anyone that desired a simple nail look.

Dark onyx: This dark polish color look nice and pleasant on the nail.

Deep red: This nail care polish color contains intoxicating chemicals that make nails look good and ready for all parties.

How to wipe off gel polish from the nail

File the nail edges and sidewall

Soak a cotton swab in nail polish

Do not remove gel polish by yourself at home but choose or go to a professional Manicurist to do this for you to prevent nail damages and other possible nail predicaments.

Pay much attention to your nail care practitioners whenever you want to wipe off your gel polish to ensure that the nail is soaked in acetone or alcohol nail remover to hasten and safeguard the removal process.

Avoid nail scraping

You must check the Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) on the polish whenever you get a gel polish. The BHA serves as an antioxidant and preservative substance in the polish. Ensure to get a polish that doesn’t contain harmful toxic chemicals to prevent skin cancer, rashes and wheezing.

Allow it to stay on the nails for fifteen minutes. Cautiously remove the cotton from the nail. Clean the gel leftover with cuticle wood. Use a cotton swab.


Enjoy longer, shiny nail care with the use of OPI gel polish color. Select from the different colors of this gel polish to inspire your nail look. In this century, OPI gel polish is the most patronized in all salons than other nail polishes.

The majority of women love this gel polish due to its lasting ability, chip-free and can be kept on nails for many days before deciding to remove or change your nail color. The gel polish is also the best choice when you wish to increase your natural nail length and protect your nails from breaking and damaging. Stay beautiful and dazzling with your OPI gel polish today!