How to Hide Your Flaws Effortlessly Without Using Too Many Products

Nowadays, everyone wants to have the perfect skin to flaunt, but everybody is not blessed with such beautiful skin naturally. Therefore to achieve your desired skin, you may work on two aspects. Either you have to work on your skincare routine, or you can just cover your flaws using makeup, or else you can try both of them together to get the best possible outcome.

How to Hide Flaws Effortlessly

We know that skincare may not be everyone’s priority, or it may not be possible always, and sometimes it just doesn’t work. Thus in every position like this, makeup can be advantageous.

Various Ways


Concealer is the best thing for covering up shortcomings of the skin, like a dark circle, blemishes, freckles, or anything that you may want to hide.

Some may think that using makeup products can take many of your expenses, but it’s not always true. Drugstore concealer for pale skin or any skin can be an inexpensive option to go for. You may think that drugstore products will not work as efficiently as the expensive branded ones, but believe it or not, they do.

All you need to do is to make a little bit of effort to find the best one for you. One concealer can be your lifesaver, as you can do many things with the help of just one product.

Even if you are not in the mood of doing a full-fledged makeup routine or if you don’t have time to do it, just use a concealer a little bit wherever you want after prepping your skin by moisturizing it.


The primer should be the essential step of every makeup routine, as it has numerous benefits to offer you. A primer, when applied to the skin, forms an even layer for the makeup to glide smoothly.

Other than that, the layer that it forms in between the makeup and the skin protects your skin from penetration of the chemical-infused makeup products because most makeup is not suitable for your skin.

Primer makes your overall look more flawless as well. Lastly, if you are in a hurry, you can go for the tinted primer anytime, which will give you a decent cover-up.

Lip Balm

You may ignore the benefits a lip balm has to offer but believe me; this is a crucial thing to consider. If your lips are always moisturized, then applying any lipstick can look perfect on your plump lips.

Likewise, no matter what color of lipstick you are applying, it will not look as good on you if your lips are dry and chapped, especially when people are inclining more towards the liquid lipstick, which can cause dryness or your lips. So it’s best to carry a lip balm always with you.


Even if you don’t use anything, just using a foundation by itself can make a massive difference to your overall look. You can use foundation to cover freckles as well. Although just using foundation may not cover everything, it will work to the extent that it will give you a seamless look effortlessly.

Don’t forget to prepare your skin by applying moisturizer and primer first before using any foundation to achieve that flawless look. Primer can also be avoidable in case of less time but don’t skip the moisturizer.

Concealer may also not be necessary every time, as the foundation itself can give you an even skin tone, which can make a drastic change in your overall look.


Whatever your skin color is, or whatever flaws you may think you have, don’t forget that you are already beautiful. The first thing that you should put before makeup is your skincare and food habits. Because when you take care of yourself, your skin will glow naturally from within, giving you a fantastic, flawless look overall.