The Right Way to Remove a DND Gel Polish Set at Home

Applying nail polish is no piece of cake, and removing it can be even more difficult. While normal polish doesn’t cause that much trouble, you have to spend some time and make an effort to properly remove the DND gel polish set. If you keep it on for too long, it will start to damage your skin. While not many take it seriously, you should know that leaving gel polish for too long affects the health of nails, causes premature aging of the skin, and increases the chances of skin cancer.

DND nail polish set

You should prefer to visit a manicurist for these things, but one can’t keep visiting every few days just to have a DND gel polish set removed from nails. People have been particularly more cautious since the COVID started. They have to touch your hands in salons, and it’s still not safe even with the utmost care. Since you can’t keep visiting salons and leaving the gel is not an option, there is no other choice but to learn the right to remove it at home. This article will teach you exactly that.

How  to Remove a DND Gel Polish Set

Apply Cuticle Oil

Before you start with the process, apply some cuticle oil on your cuticles to protect them from gel and acetone. You protect them from gel when applying it using brushes and other precautionary measures. To protect cuticles from the acetone when removing the gel, you should simply use the oil.

You don’t necessarily just need the cuticle oil. You can also apply any petroleum jelly on your entire hand. This ensures that acetone doesn’t cause any damage to your cuticles no matter how long you leave it on your nails.

Scratch the Surface with Coarse Nail File

You should invest in a coarse nail file if you plan on doing it often. This is something crucial for properly removing nails. Make sure you only get a coarse nail file if you don’t do everything right. The surface of the DND gel polish set is the hardest because it’s supposed to keep the gel and colors inside.

It doesn’t easily come off and it’ll be the part where you might need to use some force. However, you are not to apply any force if you want to keep everything healthy. You should simply scratch the surface with the coarse nail file so it’s easy for the acetone to do its job. You will be applying acetone in the next step.

Soak Off with Acetone

Acetone is the best chemical to remove nail polish. There are many new DND gel polish colors and all of them are designed to last long. These long-lasting products are really hard to come off. This is why you will need the acetone, otherwise, you will have to get rough with nails that can damage them.

If you have properly scratched the surface, it will be easier for this chemical to do its job. It will get inside the hard layer of gel and weaken it from the inside. You can apply acetone in two ways.

The first method is to put acetone in a small cup and dip your fingertips in it for a few minutes. This works well but it gives more exposure to this chemical to your skin. It is not very good for your hands. If you are to do this method, make sure you only dip the fingertips and not your entire finger or hands.

Scrape Away with a Filer

Once the acetone has done its job, you will notice that the DND nail polish set has weakened and it has started to come off. However, you will still need to do some more labor to complete this job. You will now again need a filer scrape away what’s left of the polish. The acetone would have already softened it, so it will not be as difficult.

Wash and Moisturize

After you have completely removed the polish, you should thoroughly wash your hands. It will take off what is remaining of the polish and it will clean all the chemicals from your home. Exposure to gel and then acetone can be sometimes harmful to sensitive skins. They also make the skin of your hands really dry. To avoid any possible issues, you should use a good moisturizer on your hands.


Removing gel polish might be a little difficult, but it’s not impossible. You don’t really need any professional certifications to do this job. You might find it hard in the beginning, but you get used to it with practice.

Once your hands are set, you will be able to clean the nail polish easily and perfectly. All professionals also follow the same approach discussed in this article. Just make sure you don’t get too rough when removing it. Take as much time as you need, using force to make the process faster will only damage the nails.