Know These Basics about Gel Polish

Talk of nail manicures and embellishments, and the first thought that comes to mind is ‘Gel Polish.’ Who would not like to have a manicure that lasts long, glows beautifully, and does not take much time to dry? It is a foregone conclusion that gel manicures are trending globally today. However, newbies would like to satisfy themselves by asking a few questions like, what exactly is a gel polish, how do you apply and remove it, is it safe for your nails, and how long does a gel manicure last. This article attempts to answer these questions in detail.

Gel Polish

Before we discuss the intricacies of a gel manicure, here is a piece of advice. When opting for a gel manicure, one should use quality gel nail color products like those available on our website. These color gel nails are safe and last comfortably long while adding to the glamor quotient.

What is a gel manicure?

Gel polish is a chemical combination of acrylic monomers and oligomers. When placed under a UV lamp, these chemicals bond together and harden into a robust chemical-resistant coating. This process is known as curing. If you feel that a UV lamp can pose radiation risks, you can try out the LED lamps, but the curing process takes longer. While a UV lamp takes around a minute to cure the gel color, an LED light takes twice the time.

How do you apply gel polish to your nails?

The procedure is simple, and anyone can master it at home with a bit of practice. You begin by preparing your nails for the manicure. This step involves cutting, shaping, filing, and buffing your nails. One should ensure not to have any sharp edges as it can affect the manicure.

Pushing the cuticles into their grooves is essential because applying polish to the cuticles can result in the lifting of the nail at a later stage. The basecoat application is crucial because the gel polish sticks to the basecoat and not to the nail. However, the basecoat application should be a thin layer and steer clear of the cuticles and the nail base. Cure the basecoat application under the UV lamp for a minute.

Get your gel color nails by choosing your favorite colors from the extensive range available on our website. Besides an exhaustive display of color choices, we offer attractive gifts and free shipping options on your purchases. Apply the polish using thin strokes one at a time. Every coat requires curing under the UV lamp.

The topcoat application is the final step in the gel manicure procedure. The topcoat layer lends the requisite shine and protects the gel color from damage. One minute of curing under the UV lamp can help to dry the polish layer. You have bright nail polish on your hands to show off on your Pinterest, and Instagram handles.

How long does a gel manicure last?

When applied properly, a gel manicure can comfortably last more than two weeks without chipping or lifting. The trick to having a long-lasting gel manicure is to cure your nail polish under UV lamps properly. If you under-cure it, the polish layer does not harden adequately. It can lead to smudging and chipping.

Is a gel manicure safe to have?

Yes, there should be no problems with having a gel manicure. One can argue that exposure to UV radiation can lead to issues like cancer. However, the overall exposure does not exceed a few minutes. Our regular activities under the natural sun cause more exposure than what the UV lamp provides.

However, one can take precautions by wearing protective gloves to prevent exposure to your skin.

How do you remove gel polish?

Though acetone dissolves nail gel polish, one cannot wipe away the nail polish from your hands using a cotton wipe dipped in acetone. The removal process requires adequate soaking of your nails in acetone.

You can use cotton balls dipped in acetone to soak your nails. Place these balls over the nails and secure them with an aluminum wrap. Let your nails soak for approximately 20 minutes. Unwrap the foil and check whether the polish layer peels off automatically. If it does not, you have to repeat the process for some more time. Finally, the gel color layer should automatically slide off the nails.

Will the gel polish layer hurt my nails?

No, gel polish does not harm the nails in any way. However, you should refrain from picking at the polish layer if you notice any chipping or lifting. The best way to handles such a situation is to go for a proper gel polish removal.

Final Words

We have discussed various aspects of gel polish that every woman should know. It can help them acquire the best color gel nails in town.