Winter Nail Designs Using Nail Dipping Powder Perfect This Coming 2020

When it comes to winter manicure designs, tons of colors to choose from are available. You can go from minimal to extreme and there is nothing that can stop you from coming up with ideas. But given the cold climate, it is also important to give the nails extra care since the cold weather can be a bit lethal to the nail. The cold and dry winter can make the nail prone to breakage and brittle caused by cuticle peeling and drying. Having said that, we have listed here some of the preferred looks for the holidays that you can recreate.

1. French Manicure

There is no denying that French manicure is the biggest trend of 2019 and it will continue well into 2020. The simple yet elegant design that we used to know have evolved so much since it was first introduced in the 1970s. The sheer nude or light base pink with thin white strip at the tip is now being offered with a twist. Saturated bright, pastel and neon colors are now being used to recreate this classic look. Even French ombre are now being a trend. Achieve that look instantly with LDS dipping powder for that extra spot of interest.

2. Glitters and Gold

Simple colors like pink and white doesn’t have to be that plain anymore. Add luxury to the look by adding a sprinkle of glitter like LDS Glitter Collection and your nails are all dressed up for the season.

3. Neutral Colors

For those who stick with neutral colors, there is no need to panic as you can still continue doing that in winter. But if you are looking to keep the holiday spirit, you can pick to add accentuate and make it seasonal. Lavid Dip Colors has plenty of shades that you can choose from and they will surely compliment your clothing.

4. Color Blocking Nails

This trend features non-identical colors on each hand and it will become popular this winter season. Paired with cute delicate rings, this look can make you stand out this season. Lavis Dip has several deal that you can purchase to get started with this trend. Though staying on neutral tones in the same family can be a safe choice, it is also not bad to go bold and go for mismatch left and hand nails for an extra rebel look.

5. Milky Nails

In the second half of 2019, several celebrities are spotted wearing “Milky Nails” and it is expected to be likely huge in 2020. This trend is the ideal look ideal middle point between an opaque white manicure and a sheer white manicure — a semi-opaque white with a ghostly translucent feel that is reminiscent of milk. It might look like something that requires professional help but a lot of people were able to achieve it using nail dipping powder like LDS Dip Powder Pinks & Whites Starter Kit 2. The look can be easily achieved by applying gel topcoat or shiny top coat.

Pro Tip:

As mentioned, the cold season might damage your nails so we highly recommend that you apply cuticle oil and hand cream before going to bed to counterpoise any winter-related side effects but if you have some extra time and budget, you can visit your favorite salon so your nail technician can give you a more thorough diagnosis and this way you can give your nails the caring it deserve to avoid winter nail woes.

But if you are too busy, soaking your nails in warm water at least once a week for 10 minutes the put oil afterwards to keep your nails from getting brittle. Wearing gloves outdoor will also prevent your nails from getting dry as the dry cold and wind can take the moisture of your nail. In times like this, it is important to use products that will not add more harm to your nails and the best one to try is nail dip powder. These products are enriched with vitamins and minerals that’s good for the nails. Not only that, they tend to last longer that nail polish so you can surely enjoy the holiday season without worrying about chipped or damaged nail.