All about Tanning Lotions and Tanning Tips

Many people suffer from sunburn and other problems when exposed to the sun, so it is preferred to avoid exposure from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to the sun. There are tanning lotions made to protect your body from the sun and designed for the uses of indoors and sunless. If you don’t plan to sit in the sun for long hours to get tans, then the tanning lotions are best preferred.

Tanning Lotions and Tanning Tips

There are three standard methods of tanning:

1.    Conventional tanning

2.    Indoor tanning

3.    Sunless tanning

How to Choose a Tanning Lotion

The choice of the best tanning lotion depends on two things- method of your tanning and your skin type.

Conventional Tanning

In this method, you need to get exposed to the sun for long hours and soak the rays to get the tan. Generally, this is the cheapest method of all, which has helped many people get their desired tan. You may or may not have those hours to get exposed to the sun, but this is the method that comes with some risks. This method has indeed helped many people around the world, but it causes premature aging of your skin as well as the risk of getting skin cancer also increases.

This may or may not be your choice, but if this method is your choice, then get a gradual tanning lotion that is made for outdoor use and slather on it.

Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning involves the use of tanning beds. There are higher risks of using tanning beds in the salon too. Tanning beds usually contain UV bulbs on it, which promotes an increase of melanin in your skin. So, this helps to darken your skin as well. Make use of tanning lotions to avoid burns as well as make enough time to spend in the tanning beds in a salon.

Sunless Tanning

In this method, tanning lotions, mists, and gels are used to get tans. But this method leaves orange color on the skin because of which sun tanning and indoor tanning are so popular. To get that natural suntan look, avoid moisturizing and exfoliating your skin after tanning lotion. Always prefer to exfoliate and moisturize your skin before you apply the tanning lotions to get the natural look.

How to Choose Tanning Lotion According to the Skin Type?

You need to know what kind of skin you have before choosing the best tanning lotion. There are three types when it comes to the determination of the skin type- dark, medium, fair.

Fair Skin Tone

When people with fair skin try outdoor or indoor tanning methods, they are more likely to get sunburns as well as skin damage. Mostly, people with this skin type choose sunless tanning. Make sure your sunless tanning lotions contain SPF in that. To get the natural tan look, get the tanning lotion, which includes a bronzer, and avoid orange color.

Medium Skin Tone

People with medium tones tend to get the burns if they try out outdoor or indoor tanning methods. Mostly these people are the lucky ones for their skin tone, but even if you want to get a tan, don’t forget to take precautions. Choose the tanning lotion, and after application, just watch out how much time you can stay in the sun. It is less likely to happen that you get the burn on your skin after spending your hours in the sun or sunbed. Choose the lotion which includes SPF.

Dark Skin Tone

Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin to make it healthy. The people with the dark skin type don’t have to worry about the sunburn, but this doesn’t mean keeping it unprotected. Use the tanning lotions, which include SPF. Further, this will help your skin to protect from the sun, and it will also keep your skin hydrated.